Lab Safety Training

Safety Training with Virtual Labs

Labster’s virtual laboratory simulations will help employees master safe laboratory practices and protocols in a 3D virtual lab training environment. Train staff and users quickly, inexpensively, and with better outcomes–in a way that increases efficiency in the work space.

  • Engaging and interactive
  • Available online or in VR
  • Improve workplace safety
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Explore Our Virtual Labs for Safety Training

Identifying safety hazards

Lab Safety

Safety first! Always pay attention to potential hazards when you enter a lab. In this simulation, you will create a tidy and safe working environment by identifying and eliminating hazards in the lab.

Screenshot of the Biosafety virtual lab


In the Biosafety simulation you will be presented with a hypothetical case where you will need to identify a potential bioterrorism agent that is classed as hazard group three microorganism.

Screenshot of the chemistry safety virtual lab

Chemistry Safety

In the Chemistry Safety lab, you’ll learn to identify the hazards posed by the different chemicals that you are using, which is a very important step in the planning of every experiment.

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Managing Chemicals Safely

Find and interpret safety information in a laboratory context to implement safe working practices.

Introduction to Infectious Biological Samples

Recognise the potential pathogenicity of body fluids.

Recognizing Chemical Exposure and Personal Protection

Choose appropriate PPE for working with hazardous substances.

Introduction to Laboratory PPE

Choose appropriate PPE for working in different basic laboratory environments.

Handling Blood Samples

Recognize the hazards and risks of blood handling procedures.

Fire Safety

Respond safely to fires in a laboratory envirronment.

Why Use Labster for Employee Safety Training?


Boosts employee motivation

Studies have shown that employees reported a significantly higher enjoyment when virtual labs were used compared with a standard presentation

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Employees learn more, faster

Employees acquire twice as much knowledge per hour of training when virtual labs are compared to 1:1 training, standard e-learning and standard operating procedures (SOP)​

unlimited access to instrumentation

Cloud based platform

Labster is a cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) making it easy to deploy and scale


Track employee growth

Identify employee strengths and weaknesses and track their improvement over time on the Labster dashboard


Realistic 3D environments

With virtual labs employees work with realistically simulated equipment to learn actual skills and practices

Sales and marketing organization

Better return on investment

With improved learning effectiveness and a low cost, Labster is the way to improve the ROI of your corporate training program

Scenario-Based Training

Research-Backed Results

Sipros is a research project led by Labster, funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark. In this project, the objective was to explore virtual reality technology to increase productivity and occupational standards in the biotechnology industry. 

Below is a sneak peak into the research study. It shows how Labster delivers significantly higher learning outcomes compared to traditional training methods.

Users gained on average twice as much knowledge per hour of training compared to other types of training
Participants gained on average twice as many skills per hour of training compared to other types of training
Participants reported significantly higher personal value was found in the VR training group
Participants enjoyed virtual labs more than a presentation


Teaching with Virtual Labs: Inspiration and Best Practices

In this webinar, Helen Gadegaard, Customer Success Manager at Labster and former university lecturer in Life Sciences, will share useful insights and best practices that she has acquired from working with countless professors around the world who are using Labster.

Watch the webinar here.

Supporting Safety Standards

Labster safety training simulations can help educate employees on topics covered in key OSHA standards, including:

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Safety
  • Biological Safety

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