Intermolecular Forces: Rediscover the forces to save the world!

Time to complete course: 28 min.

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About Intermolecular Forces: Rediscover the forces to save the world! Virtual Lab Simulation

Intermolecular forces play an essential role in holding our world – and us – together. In this simulation, you will learn how intermolecular forces bind molecules together and how they affect the states of matter. With this knowledge, you will rebuild a world where the intermolecular forces have been disabled.

Along the way, you will learn how electronegativity differences create permanent molecular dipoles, and how temporary dipoles form when electron clouds move around molecules. In the end, you will have a thorough understanding of the three types of intermolecular forces: van der Waals dispersion forces, permanent dipole-dipole forces, and hydrogen bonding.

Rediscover van der Waals dispersion forces
Start your quest for saving the world by rediscovering the van der Waals forces. To do this, you’ll get to play around with the halogens and see how van der Waals forces account for their wide range of physical states.

Explore permanent dipoles in molecules
See how atoms fight over shared electrons and explore how this fighting produces permanent dipoles in molecules. The permanent dipoles affect the boiling points of the compounds – can you figure out how? You will also learn how a special permanent dipole-dipole force containing hydrogen is essential to life.

Save the world with your knowledge
Use everything you have learned to save the world! Apply the van der Waals dispersion force, permanent dipole-dipole force, and hydrogen bonding to the correct molecules. Will you succeed and get the world back into shape?

Get Started Now

Oh no – the world’s intermolecular forces have all been disabled! Now, you must collaborate with Dr. One to put everything back in order. Can you return the world to its original state by rediscovering all the intermolecular forces?

Techniques in Lab

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how dispersion forces, permanent dipole-dipole forces, and hydrogen bonding arise between molecules 
  • Identify molecular motifs and features that may contribute to the induction of intermolecular forces
  • Predict the types of intermolecular forces present between different molecules.

Simulation Features

Length – 28 minutes
Accessibility mode – Not Available
Languages – English

Screenshots of Intermolecular Forces: Rediscover the forces to save the world! Virtual Lab Simulation


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